Palm Bay Project (Year 3)

May 24, 2018
Selected pages from my brief for year 3 The Brief: For my final year I chose to be...

Year Three – BEGIN

November 1, 2017
Into my final year and my first brief. The unit I am in this year is focusing on...

Ibiza Villa

October 15, 2017
I have managed to get involved on a project and do some viz work with an architect working...

Year Two Proposal in Unreal Engine

September 1, 2017
Jumping into Unreal Engine and trying to get my 2nd year proposal explorable in real time. Blocking in...

The Hand In

May 22, 2017
88 Pages and two sets of crossed fingers. Year two is complete…

Closing In

May 10, 2017
The project is drawing to a close. Although not fully documented here the University Work section of the...

Sneaking in a Personal Project

March 8, 2017
Two weeks off for Easter and a mountain of work to be done… Time to fire up 3ds...

Designing with 3d

February 10, 2017
A few renders through the later iterations. Using 3d to design the interior and see in real time...

Sketch Models

December 18, 2016
Some of my sketch models from early in the design process. I think these may have ended up...

Archigram Precedent

December 18, 2016
A small mini brief was set in order to explore unique habitation concepts. I chose Archigram’s Gasket House...

Early Design Work

December 8, 2016
Some of the process sketches, collage and overlays early on in the design.

Sketches #2

December 2, 2016
Few more sketches from the unit trip to Helsinki and Stockholm. These are areas of interest from Alvar...

CAD Drawing Progress II

November 28, 2016
After lots of printing and tweaking lineweights I believe I have finished my elevation. The idea behind this...

Unit Trip!

November 15, 2016
Our trip this year is to Helsinki and then across to Stockholm. We will be viewing work by...

Sketches #1

November 9, 2016
Just a quick scan of the start of my new sketchbook for the year.

CAD drawing progress

October 20, 2016
Moving into my second year studying architecture and our current assignment has asked us to study and produce...

First Brief

October 15, 2016
Back for year two and my first brief! All our briefs work towards a single project this year...