A New Home (Year 2)

Selected pages from my brief for year 2

The Brief:

Our brief for my unit this year was to tackle the European Refugee Crisis, focusing on Sweden to begin with. We were tasked with choosing from three sites and designing a new method to house refugees within the country, with either re-purposing or mobility as a final goal . Currently the small ‘site office’ style buildings were inadequate and rife with issues; we learned about the downfalls of the current system during a visit to such a site in Sweden during our trip. We interviewed the refugees whilst we were there and took in the atmosphere of despair. They were very grateful people but the conditions were nowhere near livable for a two year period. We also had to consider the attitude of the Swedish towards the refugees: due to the burden of taking the lion’s share of fleeing civilians Sweden’s open arms policy has caused tension within the country.

My Goal:

My target for this project is to create a homely, inviting living space with walkways and social spaces that gently encourage the refugees to begin integrating with the local Swedish residents through interaction and activities. The living spaces will be located within the forested areas which allow for privacy and comfort; the walkways will then lead to larger public spaces on the flat central area of the site which will feature landscaped gardens, play parks and activity areas. The idea will be to provide accommodation whilst encouraging integration and acceptance as well as give something to the local residents to reduce the hostility towards the money spent on housing refugees. In the long term these forest homes will be rented to Swedish locals and slowly build up a merged community, further harbouring integration and acceptance.

The project unfolds from my collage created the evening after the site visit at the bottom of the page to the final renders and drawings at the top.




Date & Time

June 5, 2017