Early Design Work

December 8, 2016

Some of the process sketches, collage and overlays early on in the design.

Sketches #2

December 2, 2016

Few more sketches from the unit trip to Helsinki and Stockholm. These are areas of interest from Alvar Aalto’s residence and studio just outside Helsinki.

CAD Drawing Progress II

November 28, 2016

After lots of printing and tweaking lineweights I believe I have finished my elevation. The idea behind this brief was to capture texture, age and season into an image created entirely in CAD and I feel this does the trick. Now to show my tutor…

Unit Trip!

November 15, 2016

Our trip this year is to Helsinki and then across to Stockholm. We will be viewing work by Alvar Aalto as part of our precedent study as well as visit the site for our brief this year. Cold, hungry but never short of alcohol and fun.

Sketches #1

November 9, 2016

Just a quick scan of the start of my new sketchbook for the year.

CAD drawing progress

October 20, 2016

Moving into my second year studying architecture and our current assignment has asked us to study and produce plans for a building assigned to us. All the buildings came from a pool of Alvar Aalto’s work and I had been assigned his house and studio in Helsinki. I have...

First Brief

October 15, 2016

Back for year two and my first brief! All our briefs work towards a single project this year and we are starting by looking at some Japanese joints; as our main brief is based around constructing a from timber this experiment should open our eyes to how timber can...