Palm Bay Project (Year 3)

Selected pages from my brief for year 3

The Brief:

For my final year I chose to be in Unit G and tackle their brief: Coastal Ecologies. Our site was based on the coast in Margate with a choice of a 4km stretch from Margate Town to Botany Bay. After many days spent on the coast I settled for Palm Bay, further out than most sites and a rather secluded area of cliff and beach. The brief asked us to tackle Margate’s floundering tourism, economy or help preserve it’s diverse ecology; I chose to tackle all three.

My Goal:

My aim was to create firstly a base of operations for the Thanet Coast Project: A group of volunteers headed by a single paid council member who attempt to collate information relating to the diverse flora and fauna on the Thanet Coast as well as keeping tabs on the overall environmental conditions. By providing them with a headquarters with offices, a meeting room and educational spaces I hope to increase their presence and impact. Their educational facilities tie into the second aspect of my brief and will create spaces to educate, organise activities and engage with the local residents.

To assist the economy my project houses a large greenhouse with hydroponic growing and fish farming facilities – together this will create a small amount of jobs which can be seasonally rotated among residents and provide apprenticeship opportunities, further strengthening the educational programme of my proposal. The central area will contain a commerce space which rotates through uses depending on production from the greenhouse: a sushi bar one week and a farmer’s market the next.

Tourism will be bolstered by adopting the local water sports club on my site and granting them better facilities for organising events, storing watercraft and running training programmes for people new to windsurfing and jet-skiing.




Date & Time

May 24, 2018